The following guidelines have been issued pursuant to the Health Protection Agency (HPA)’s Circular (No.: (IUL)23-L/452/2021/11) dated December 15, 2021 and December 26, 2021, updating entry protocols for inbound locals and work permit holders travelling from South Asian countries. All travelers except tourists should undertake PCR testing between 3-5 days after arrival. are required to test  and their accompanying dependents are required to strictly adhere to these guidelines.

Prerequisites for Entry into the Maldives

  1. Present a valid negative PCR result with a sample taken within 96 hours prior to embarkation at first port enroute to Maldives. This requirement is not mandatory for children below the age of 1 (one) year.
  2. Arriving passengers must complete and update the Traveller Health Declaration on the Maldives Immigration Imuga online portal within 48 hours of departure to Maldives. Passengers are required to present PCR Test results, Vaccination proof on arrival and should attach the applicable documents, when completing the online Traveller Health Declaration form.
  3. Mandatory On-Arrival Quarantine: Individuals who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 or partially vaccinated for COVID-19 are required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. Individuals will be released from quarantine after completing 14 days of quarantine and after producing a negative COVID-19 PCR test result. Register for quarantine 24-hours before travelling by providing required details to [email protected]. Registration should be done either by the passenger or their employer/agent).
Quarantine Exemption
  1. Individual(s) who have received all the prescribed doses of a COVID-19 vaccine that has been approved by Maldives Food and Drug Authority or WHO for emergency use, and in Emergency Use Listing (EUL) and completed 14 (fourteen) days (prior to date of arrival) after the prescribed dose(s) of a vaccine, will not have to quarantine. Children who are not eligible for vaccination (Children below 12 years of age), accompanying the  aforementioned individual(s) can also travel without having to quarantine. Individual(s) (including children) traveling with this exemption, should do a PCR test between 3-5 days from arrival in Maldives
  2. The individual(s) who have tested positive for COVID-19 in the Maldives and recovered; if  not exceeded 60 (Sixty) days from the date of positive sample collection, will not have to quarantine. Children who are not eligible for vaccination (Children below 12 years of age), accompanying the  aforementioned individual(s) can also travel without having to quarantine). Children traveling with this exemption should undertake PCR testing between 3-5 days from arrival. .
  3. Those mentioned above in (1) and (2) are not required to get a prior travel approval. 

Place of Quarantine

  1. A place of quarantine must be identified either by the passenger or their employer/agent.
  2. All measures and arrangements at quarantine location must be as per HPA guidelines.

Duration of Quarantine and Isolation

  1. The individual quarantine duration is 14 days from date of arrival if the person(s) do not meet the criteria mentioned under the Quarantine Exemption.
  2. Those who are quarantined as above, will be released from quarantine after receiving a negative result for the PCR test done when quarantine duration has been completed.
  3. If the person(s) is tested positive during or at the end of quarantine period to follow as below:
    • Positive person(s) will be isolated for 14 (fourteen) days from the date of obtaining the sample of the positive test and released based on health condition of the person.
    • Direct contact(s) will be subject to 14 (fourteen) days quarantine period. (These 14 days quarantine period of contact(s) will be counted from the date of isolation of positive person. If direct contact(s) and positive person(s) are quarantined/isolated together, the quarantine 14 (fourteen) days will be counted from the recovered date of positive person.

Guidelines to Follow when Quarantined

  1. All expenses for and during quarantine (including transportation, testing and medical treatments when required) are to be borne by the work permit holder or their employer.
  2. Register on the “Haalubelun” portal on within 24 hours after arrival. Quarantine and isolation related documents will be uploaded and accessible over this portal. 
  3. Call and inform HPA at 1676 at the onset of any COVID-19 symptoms or any health-related complaint by the client. HPA would arrange to do a PCR test if required in such circumstances at no cost to the quarantined work permit holders or the employer. 
  4. Dependents travelling with work permit holders should also quarantine according to these guidelines.

Requirements for the Quarantine Place

  1. There should be a separate room in the premises for the person to stay in quarantine. If more than one person is being quarantined in the room, there should be minimum 3 feet distance between beds
  2. It is advisable that the room be adequately ventilated with a window or exhaust for air circulation. Even if the room has air conditioning it is advisable to open windows for few minutes each day for air circulation.
  3. It is recommended to have a separate toilet for quarantine person.  
  4. Clean water and hand washing facilities should be available.
  5. High-touch surfaces in the toilet if shared should be cleaned and disinfected more often and when visibly dirty.
  6. Items used by quarantined person such as plates, spoons, towel, bed sheets, pillow, etc., that is being used by the quarantined person should be kept separately.
  7. Garbage/waste collection and disposal must be as per infection prevention and control practices.

Requirements when Releasing from Quarantine

Except in cases where, a person in quarantine becomes positive for COVID-19, (in which case a separate protocol is to be followed), the following must be ensured at the time of release.

  1. The quarantined person has completed the mandatory period of quarantine
  2. A PCR test has been done after completion of quarantine and a negative result is obtained
  3. The quarantined person does not have or complain of any symptoms at the time of release
  4. A” Release from Quarantine Notice ” or release notice has been issued by HPA and received.
  5. Except for persons whom 14 days have passed after completion of vaccination, all others must have direct and immediate transfers arranged, if travelling to place of work located outside Greater Male’ Area.

Updated 26 December 21