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A Maldivian national, resident in Male’ City has tested positive for Covid-19. The individual presented at the designated flu clinic near Male’ Hiya 2 with flu like symptoms on April 14 2020. A sample was taken, which tested positive for Covid-19. Upon confirmation of the result, Rapid Response Teams
(RRT) have been activated. Other measures include temporarily cordoning off the individual’s residence, placing the residents under quarantine, and contact tracing after informing the result to the individual. In addition, the individual who was confirmed positive has been transferred to an isolation facility. From the information currently available, this individual does not have a travel history outside of the Maldives.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) requests all individuals to strictly follow the precautionary measures issued by authorities. This includes: staying at home, not leaving the house unless it is for an essential purpose, and maintaining physical distancing.

Further information will be provided to the public.

15th April 2020